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Do you need an interpreter for a business meeting, a conference or a training?
Our offer includes simultaneous interpreting, whispered translations, consecutive translations and certified interpreting services. You can find a description of these services below, allowing you to make the best choice.

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpreting, also known as parallel translation, is usually provided in soundproof booths. It is a type of live, interpretation characterised in that the person the speech of which is being translated does not need to stop to allow the interpreter to speak. The interpreter uses headphones to listen to the speech, at the same time translating into a microphone. The recipients hear the translation in their own headphones. This is the most difficult type of translation services. Top qualifications of interpreters are as important as technical requirements. Interpreting is usually used during conferences.

Whispered translations

Whispered translation – a variation on interpreting provided without any special equipment (booths, microphones, headphones). The interpreter is present next to a small audience (usually up to 3 people) and quietly and in real time translates words of the speaker.

Consecutive translations

Consecutive translations – the interpreter starts the translation only when the speaker stops speaking (the speech may be divided into parts). During a consecutive translation, the interpreter usually stands next to the speaker, listens to the speech and makes notes. When the speaker finishes or makes a break, the interpreter re-tells the speech om the target language, in its entirety, speaking in the first person.

Accompanying interpreting

Accompanying interpreting – a type of consecutive translation, during which the translator accompanies a person or a delegation during visits, meetings and various talks or negotiations.

Certified interpreting

Certified interpreting – interpreting of legal acts provided by a certified translator at notary offices, courts or official authorities and agencies.

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